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Sometimes, it is all about decluttering the garden to see the true beauty underneath

One-time cleanup weed-clean up and grass care to transform your backyard jungle in to a source of joy



Great customer service from start to finish! My property was in need of their expertise and skills, they did not disappoint. MY PROPERTY LOOKS AWESOME all thanks to Crew Cut property maintenance.”

Tracey L

Removing a little bit of weeds and adding mulch goes a long way!

"The owners of Crew Cut bring a home style approach to property maintenance."


"Great service, very professional and great prices.”


"Not only are the team from Crew Cut professional, but they are fast! They do an amazing job every time and I highly recommend! Your search for the best can stop here"

TJ Visentin

"Very professional owners and were able to accommodate my needs for my home, delivered exactly what I needed. My home's lawn looks great. Would recommend to anyone that needs landscaping for their home or business."


"Very professional! Can't believe how great my lawn looks now! Thanks guys!"


Can you see the truck in the “before” below?

Your Yard, Your Plan

We take care of your property the way YOU want. This means we offer a variety of lawn care services:

  • One-time Cleanup
  • Seasonal Cleanups (Fall & Spring)
  • Gardening
  • Mulch
  • Grass Cutting
  • Trimming
  • Weekly Maintenance



We take the time,

so you can enjoy the view

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